Glowing Eyes and Black Horns:

How Evil Aliens is the Plan to Safeguard America

When The New York Times, The Washington Post and POLITICO almost simultaneously published stories around December 16, 2017, exposing a secret U.S. Department of Defense UFO investigative program, so began the most ambitious, vast, human rights, national and global security propaganda campaign ever launched.

On the surface the stories were mildly sensational enough, evidence gained through a tip-off that the United States had investigated Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs or UFOs), from 2007 to 2012 via a mostly secretive, senate funded initiative. The story was picked up and run by mainstream media the world over, and the public started to think again that UFOs may be real, not just the subject of skepticism and ridicule.

Accompanying the articles were the first ever UFO videos purportedly released by the U.S. government, “gun camera footage” from fighter jets, along with first-hand eyewitness testimony from one of the pilots describing the amazing maneuverability and performance of a white “Tic-Tac” shaped craft that he and other military personnel encountered over the ocean off San Diego in 2004.

The story had traction worldwide for about a month, then was absorbed into the milieu of the ever-frantic news cycle, the epicenter of which continued to be the various eccentric behaviors of President Donald Trump, who could generate wildly fluctuating events of fascination on an hourly basis.

The fact that UFOs could be real was nothing new. The public had suspected as much, certainly since the 1940s when progressively more and more sightings were reported, notably by allied airmen in World War 2, then by civilians in all manner of scenarios and locations. But through all this, for the most part, the U.S. Government’s outward position was skeptical, if not downright dismissive.

That’s understandable because the alternative would be to confirm to the public that the government has no control over its airspace, borders, or even safety.

Why then, many asked, had the first military footage of UFOs been released now? What was so special, after 70 years of denials? Additionally, the videos had purportedly been obtained by an independent and highly aspirational company, To The Stars Academy, led by a former punk rock star Tom DeLonge with a team of highly credible, somewhat rebellious ex-government employees all keen, it was claimed, for the advancement of truth and humanity.

The why now question, which was never asked in The New York Times, The Washington Post and POLITICO articles, nor in follow-ups, is the critical question. The answer to that leads to understanding the most significant cultural and strategic re-affirmation of world order ever attempted by a superpower. It has everything to do with security; protecting the United States and western democracies.

Even though a Trump America has lurched towards extremism, which has bitterly angered and split the majority of the country, and global nationalism has reared its head, this moment in time will ironically be remembered as a monumental beginning to a more progressive world.

When New York Times’ reporters received a tip-off, a strategic mission was set in motion on a global scale, using blue-ribbon mainstream media as a coordinated launching point. Throughout the rollout, the word “threat” would be front and center, reminding everyone what the underlying, primal theme was; the word even appearing in the name of the government program that the newspaper revealed had studied UFOs: which they identified as AATIP, the ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.’

It’s important here to understand how investigative reporters operate. It’s one thing for a journalist to vacation in a sleepy, rural community and notice a strange number of congenital disabilities, get curious, start snooping around, discover an industrial plant upstream, and burrow into a mystery that unravels a tragedy of contaminated water. It’s another thing for a reporter to start a journey with a rock solid “tip-off.”

Any story which starts with a tip is always someone’s agenda being set loose. In this case AATIP, which may turn out to be the best inside joke of all time. If you drop the breadcrumbs, particularly credible ones, the journalists are going to do their job and follow them, most likely where you want them to go.

That these major print-media competitors broke the story almost simultaneously on December 16, 2017, was not entirely normal.

Two months before the mainstream news articles broke, the former musician Tom DeLonge walked out on a stage, in front of what appeared to be no-one, in a live-streamed event to announce the arrival of “To The Stars Academy” (TTSA). The company was a public benefit initiative that brought together multiple ex-government employees who were all purportedly seeking to explore the boundaries of science and technology for the benefit of humanity.

An underpinning of their beliefs was that the UFO phenomenon was real and that they were hoping, in time, to be able to prove it, as well as exploit the exotic technologies to advance the human experience.

DeLonge was very much the spokesperson for TTSA. It was purportedly his company, and the impression was he’d been responsible for assembling the very credible and distinguished team of experts who would drive its initiatives under his guidance.

Anyone can find on the TTSA website its goals:

“To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science has mobilized a team of the most experienced, connected and passionately curious minds from the US intelligence community, including the CIA and Department of Defense, that have been operating under the shadows of top-secrecy for decades. The team members all share a common thread of frustration and determination to disrupt the status quo, wanting to use their expertise and credibility to bring transformative science and engineering out of the shadows and collaborate with global citizens to apply that knowledge in a way that benefits humanity.”

Without the restrictions of government priorities.” (Their bold formatting.)

That last line was instructive, and overall a global, without borders initiative, run by former insiders who were frustrated, disruptive rebels.

But evidence that Tom DeLonge was and is directly instructed to craft a U.S. strategic global campaign of unprecedented proportions is not mere speculation. Evidence exists in DeLonge’s words, where he admits as much. If DeLonge’s statements are to be believed, the last line of the TTSA statement is entirely false, and United States geopolitical priorities are at the absolute forefront of the TTSA initiative.

The most telling interview Tom DeLonge participated in was with respected journalist George Knapp, who was guest hosting the popular syndicated radio program ‘Coast to Coast AM’ on March 27, 2016, around 18 months before DeLonge would take to the stage to reveal TTSA to the world.

To better understand events today, it’s essential for analysis to take a critical look back at a selection of DeLonge’s quotes from this radio program. DeLonge candidly outlines TTSA being formed before anyone knew what it really was. As Knapp artfully presses DeLonge on his interest in UFOs and what appears to be deep contacts within the U.S. government, DeLonge reveals: … “I am basically building, hopefully, one of the largest covert communication vehicles that’s been put together.”

DeLonge goes on to say that this “covert” effort will concern “the greatest story never told,” which sounds like a fun caper movie but is actually deadly serious, “… a national security issue and a global security issue.”

DeLonge outlines explicitly how he takes orders from those in control, and everything he does is monitored and approved. “Everything’s a yes sir, a no sir, I’m speaking to guys where you can count all the stars on their shoulders.”

It’s worth noting that there are no generals on the TTSA official team sheet.

“I try to run this like a real program the way they would want it run. So everything gets approval. Everything gets sent over.”

It’s also important here to understand that historically, when involved in covert operations, the preferred U.S. methodology (particularly the C.I.A.) is using surrogates. Anyone familiar with a good espionage story will also know that if a covert operative is in the field, the mother organization, when push comes to shove, will deny a connection or deny that they issue specific orders.

Back in his extensive March 2016 radio interview, DeLonge acknowledged why the government insiders were setting up TTSA the way they were, and why that’s important: “Plausible deniability is something the government has always done, it’s the way they operate, especially when they want to put out very serious information.”

When TTSA was being set up, DeLonge himself provided evidence that he was directly stage-managed by those concerned with national security.

“I got a call that I was going to do a big interview with Newsweek last week. And so I did the interview, and at the end of the interview, I found out it was a fake interview, and that my company set it up as a way for someone to help me craft the message for this because they knew that I was dealing with national security and that’s not something that a musician normally ever has to worry about. So they set up this fake interview, so it wasn’t Newsweek, it was somebody to help me, to say, look, these are the kind of things you’re saying, and maybe you shouldn’t say it this way.”

DeLonge, attentive to the influence he was receiving is receptive, telling them, “Help me say things in a better way.”

The fake interview unbeknownst to DeLonge at the time was recorded for training purposes. “I took that recording, and I sent it off to the main man, the main man out of ten advisers I have, y’know he’s a very big deal, and I got feedback, I got four pages of notes.”

In these revelations, it’s clear that the company acts above DeLonge’s knowledge and control to test him and to stage manage the information TTSA will release: “I don’t have all the details, I have very specific things I’m supposed to do and say.”

It’s difficult to imagine any scenario whatsoever where U.S. generals, “guys where you can count all the stars on their shoulders” are telling you what to do and say without them having the very best interests of the United States at the core of their motivation. These men and women above all else are patriots, charged with protecting their country and its citizens.

DeLonge himself reaffirms this when he describes the first face to face meeting with one of these generals and the general’s priorities when providing DeLonge information for TTSA:

“He must have brought up, quote, ‘What was best for the republic, best for the free republic,’ brought that up maybe eight different times. It’s very, very, very important to these men what is best for the United States as a free country, free thinking man and the republic that we built.”

It’s worth revisiting at this point the last line of the TTSA mission statement:

Without the restrictions of government priorities.

DeLonge, in his first face to face with the general, perhaps overwhelmed with the fact that he’s at this level, goes on: “I said Sir, I need an advisory committee. And we walked through what I need, and why. And so he went out and got the advisers for me.”

In DeLonge’s testimony, he doesn’t assemble the team that makes up his own company TTSA, the general makes it happen, and the team are not frustrated, disruptive, renegade altruists, they are hand-picked.

We know now that in the same month as this radio interview, March 2016, a data breach by a hacking group, allegedly affiliated with Russian intelligence occurred, and e-mails from the private Gmail account of the former White House Chief of Staff and then Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, John Podesta, were stolen. These e-mails were eventually obtained by Wikileaks and published in October and November of that same year.

DeLonge and the developing TTSA project are inadvertently caught in the Wikileaks net, critically confirming that DeLonge does indeed have high-level contacts and is not just spouting rubbish.

Russian electoral influence today is a huge story, but what TTSA is up to, in time will tower over that. Bigger than Weinstein, bigger than Trump, bigger than Supreme Court nominations. Bigger than everything.

Via Wikileaks, DeLonge corresponds several times with Podesta, and in one e-mail with the subject line “General McCasland,” that he sent on January 25, 2016, DeLonge writes, “Trust me, the advice is already been happening on how to do all this….” “He not only knows what I’m trying to achieve, he helped assemble my advisory team. He’s a very important man.”

It seems that the anonymous general, he of the stars on his shoulder who DeLonge can only tell us in his radio interview has a Ph.D., is, in fact, Major General Dr. William N. McCasland, the former Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

DeLonge tells Podesta, “When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of that exact laboratory up to a couple years ago.”

In DeLonge’s radio interview with Knapp on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ two months after he sent that e-mail, he also mentions a meeting in Colorado Springs, (the home of U.S. Space Command and NORAD), this time with two generals. One of DeLonge’s TTSA affiliated books that would be released, ‘Sekret Machines’ had a former Special Assistant to the Commander, Air Force Space Command, Major General Michael Carey, writing an endorsement.

It’s reasonable to speculate that Carey was also one of the anonymous generals.

“I started getting advisers that were in different areas. People that deal with space, people that deal with intelligence, people that deal with biowarfare, stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily think I should need, but I got them, y’know.”

DeLonge has no idea why his “own company” has these particular skill sets, but he eagerly accepts the help. On October 11, 2017, the TTSA team is announced to the world, and the team’s resumés on the TTSA website read like a who’s who of C.I.A. intelligence operatives, anti-terrorism agents and biowarfare experts. They match the descriptions that DeLonge gave 18 months earlier, including some who allegedly just this moment walked out in frustration from their government jobs.

Around DeLonge are the people he needs to appear credible and to begin an operation to disseminate information to the world as “the largest covert communication vehicle” with a mission that will eventually dwarf the revelation of aliens visiting planet earth and of TTSA seeking new technologies to benefit all. DeLonge would continue to do as instructed.

“They would dribble it out [information], and I would take it, I would incorporate it, I would make sure that I would run everything by them like I said that I would… Sir, is it okay if I do it this way, or this, and it just kept going and going and going.”

It’s important to understand how DeLonge found himself in this situation. He sat across from generals in clandestine meetings held in both offices and public spaces; inside institutions and airports; receiving information and assistance in setting up TTSA for a U.S. government agenda that has everything to do with America’s long-term survival as a global superpower.

In the ‘Coast to Coast’ radio interview, George Knapp presses DeLonge on how he managed to get access: “How do you get the access? How do you explain that?” In his answer, DeLonge provides an explanation that allows for plausible speculation that he was chosen as a public mask to camouflage or skew impressions of the covert group.

DeLonge’s status, visibility and popularity in a youthful demographic as a rock star seemed to work in his favor as a potential front man to help deliver a message that more than anything needed to appeal to generations on the way up:

“Things they tell me that I have to release a certain way, respectfully, in drips, I set up a bunch of parameters of how I will put the information into this project and how I will put it out there so it does a couple of things, it doesn’t scare people and it gets traction with young adults, that’s a very important point.”

He outlines that in the beginning there was an event, for the first time allowing family members to attend a celebration associated with advanced scientists and engineers that worked as part of what he described as the most highly classified and highly secretive group within the military industrial complex. And DeLonge, unexpectedly, is invited.

The invitation came from a person whom he had made acquaintance, a person who DeLonge describes as “a very high-level defense contractor, an engineer out at Groom Lake, Area 51, for decades” that DeLonge had met quite a while back. When he initially discovered what this individual did, DeLonge had told him of his great fascination and passion for secret projects and had pitched him a type of media communications idea.

DeLonge says that this man subsequently admitted to researching DeLonge’s background extensively, including his interest in UFOs. When eventually the celebration event happens, this acquaintance opens the door to access and invites DeLonge, saying “This is a way for you to come up and see a little bit about what we’re doing.” DeLonge surprised and excited, responds, “Oh my God, I would love to.”

But it’s more than that. DeLonge, being a celebrity, is asked by this man if he would agree to introduce the head of the company to the crowd, (bringing them together), to which DeLonge agrees, as long as he gets to spend 5 minutes with the head alone, to discuss his passions and vision, including his media communications pitch. This leader is possibly Mr. Rob Weiss, head of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, whose name also surfaces later via Wikileaks.

The breadcrumbs spread, DeLonge led in; the future front man for the surrogate TTSA is on his way, all the while believing that this is his passion and serendipity playing out. It would take a certain naïve ego to maintain in your head that it’s your company and you’re in the driver’s seat while answering “Yes Sir. No Sir” — and taking orders on something that is planned by others to confront the gravest national and global security concerns in the history of the planet.

Incredibly, and rather fantastically, once DeLonge meets the head of the company and starts espousing his belief that the greatest superpower on earth could use his abilities in mass communication to reach a global youth audience, “… a whole educate and entertain model”, imparting strategic propaganda that has “never been told in an elevated artistic way,” — (his pitch again), doors start to steadily open, and now DeLonge begins to receive no-nonsense, blunt orders.

He receives an e-mail saying, “I want you to be next to the Pentagon on this date and at this time.” To which DeLonge complies. At this meeting, one of the two gentlemen he meets says, “Things like this don’t happen at The White House, they don’t happen at the Hill, they happen in places like this, at tables like this, where a few men get together and decide to push the ball down the field.”

DeLonge is now like Forrest Gump, unwittingly sitting in on “the greatest story never told.”

In every media interview concerning these events, he has remained nebulous and vague about the exact contents of his unique pitch that seemed to open one door after another. There’s a distinct possibility his propaganda vision was to use ET disclosure in a way to strengthen America both geopolitically and from a PR perspective, which lined up with plans already in motion.

Every adult in the world knows that the revelation of intelligent life visiting earth would have stratospheric consequences. But hardly anyone seems to bother unpacking what that is, too busy munching their Cocoa Krispies, watching reality television, scratching their bums and reading Trump’s tweets. And that’s just me. It’s not too much of a stretch to surmise that the U.S. Defense Department knows every stratospheric ramification projected through the next one hundred years and more.

A strategy involving the confirmation of life from elsewhere visiting earth must work to strengthen the United States. If traditional enemies like Russia and China know some truths about ET and have remained quiet themselves, it’s fair to assume they’ve crunched the projections too and worked out that it could greatly assist the U.S. globally, as I believe DeLonge figured out and pitched.

Soon enough DeLonge is sent off to NASA Aames Research Center. “The very first thing I was told at NASA was that this is a very good time for this. This is a, quote, ‘Very, very, good time for this project.’”

He’s sent all over, meeting different people in different cities, scrutinized, tested. Eventually, he’s sitting opposite “the general” (presumably McCasland) at an airport in San Francisco who allegedly tells him the U.S. discovered a lifeform during the Cold War.

There’s no doubt the U.S. military has encountered mysterious, elusive objects in the sky or in space for decades, and possibly lifeforms. It’s just that up to now they haven’t been able to do anything publicly with the information, except bury it. But as the world has changed, as threats continue to evolve, there’s an opportunity.

Evolving threats include terrorism linked to religion, particularly attributed to fundamentalist factions of Islam, the enormously entrenched global complications that the United States is mired in with religious-based wars, and secondly the rise of China as a superpower. Many posit that the wars centered on religion are created by America, for the benefit of America.

If there were ever any doubts that a new type of warfare and a new kind of fear had arrived, the events of September 11, 2001, confirmed it. “The War on Terror” now exists because of fluid, amorphous, unpredictable, grave security concerns and enemies. It’s also another tool in America’s kit to assist their strategy of fragmenting the Arab nations.

When the twin World Trade Centre towers in New York exploded and rained rubble to the ground, destroyed, dust rose like a veil to reveal the eery, devastated landscape of a new “national security issue and a global security issue” forever here now.

“Allahu Akbar” (Allah [God] is greatest) is allegedly shouted by terrorists before many if not most attacks against the west, including those on 9/11. In the latter case, religion was now front and center in the deadliest attack ever on U.S. soil.

Whether or not you believe Saudi terrorists engineered by Osama Bin Laden hijacked planes and flew them into the towers, or whether you think the catastrophe was self-inflicted (as some conspiracy theorists posit, a strategic “false flag” operation), religion is the central feature.

You only have to look at the U.S. ‘Worldwide Threat Assessment’ for 2018 prepared by the Director of National Intelligence to see the catalog of maze-like, dire hazards and grim challenges for the United States tied to global religious factors.

This planet has for centuries been split between the Christian West and Islam. Some argue that there has always been a battle between these two for mastery of the human race. The United States is reported to be about 74% Christian and 0.8% Islam.

But look at China, the evolving superpower with their 1.4 billion people. They don’t have a war on terror; they have a war on organized religion. In the past, they’ve actively promoted atheism. Roughly 2.5% are Christian and 0.45% Muslim. Close to 74% are, in strict terms, non-religious although folk or spiritual beliefs co-exist. Fundamentally though, they’re out of the Judeo/Christian-Islam battle, other than munching popcorn and watching America exhausted, fighting in endless religious wars and being attacked by endless religious extremists. Or so we’re told.

There’s no doubt the image of Islam in the west has suffered due to terror events linked to fanatic minorities. But as a power, Islam continues to rise. Over the coming decades, it’s projected that the Muslim population will grow at twice the rate of the non-Muslim population. When the world’s overall population rises in the coming decades by 32%, the Muslim population will have increased by 70%.

Christians will argue projections by jousting anyone who believes they’re losing, but if there were a religious horse race, Christianity would be going backward, gobbled up by the outsider, who it seems will overtake around 2060.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, (OIC) a collection of 57 member countries pushing 2 billion in population is a vast bloc within the United Nations, working to protect the interests, wide and varied, of peaceful Muslims everywhere. But strategies of the United Nations and the IOC can and do differ markedly, and there are deep divisions and challenges in working together.

In the past, there have been controversial battles over what constitutes religious blasphemy and what lengths member countries can go to punish blasphemers, including western blasphemers. The IOC promotes peace, but the United States views Islam as a leviathan ideological threat. America has no plans to transform itself into a fully Islamic country, as a strategy to gallop to the front.

In Europe, Christianity is dying. Western youth are becoming more secular, a similar picture emerging with organized religion in America.

The IOC has long-term growth, power, and influence forging ahead, currently guaranteed as absolute. Also, 93% of Palestinians are Muslim, and Palestine now heads 135 countries representing the biggest bloc of developing nations at the U.N., representing more than 80 percent of the world’s population.

Rather than the world becoming more progressive, tolerant, inclusive and connected, neo-nationalism has arisen in opposition, anti-globalization, tense and spiteful protectionism policies and all manner of violent discrimination.

Most talk today is about defending freedom of religious choice, and the U.S. Constitution upholds and protects the separation of church and state, an ethos which can be traced back to Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Founding Father and principal author of the Declaration of Independence. But it appears that religion’s been identified as attacking state and state is about to fight back.

State for the U.S. represents what the general said, “…a free country, free thinking man and the republic that we built.” But what if the choice ultimately has to be to protect state, or to protect Christianity, which do you think wins out?

China may have figured out that the tipping point was always coming, but took a different route, state not playing nice, but instead being openly hostile to religion, resorting to what many label as blatant human rights abuses in doing so.

The direct evidence in Tom DeLonge’s words (and others within TTSA) is that religion, the challenging, even dismantling of religious beliefs worldwide (an astonishingly audacious and on the surface impossible goal) is one of, if not the key trojan horse mission of the people involved with alien disclosure.

Tackling religion and effecting mass global cultural change is intrepid in scope for many reasons, not the least “In God We Trust,” is the official motto of the United States. It’s on the currency and carved in stone all over the National Mall in Washington, including above the podium in the Capitol where the President gives his State of the Union address. It may very well be that to ensure the long-term survival of the republic, Gods need to be taken down off pedestals everywhere.

DeLonge says that one of his TTSA team confirmed “… we’re talking about the biggest institutions on the planet and the world’s major religions.”

“It just needs to come out over time, and we need to finesse a certain way to build it all,” DeLonge said.

What possible strategy is colossal enough, earth-shaking enough, wow enough, to act as a circuit breaker, to take on religion, the foundations of which would seem unmovable, unstoppable, the support for which is radically and passionately entrenched in humankind more than any institutions that have ever existed?

The answer to that is the story that DeLonge is being fed: “It’s going to hit people’s belief systems pretty hard.”

DeLonge goes on to describe what the planned message will be. It’s that advanced species do exist and they’re not pleasant. Apparently ‘the others’ create war amongst humans via religion, and that humankind is manipulated for malicious purposes.

“The government is very aware that this intelligence is pitting different countries against each other based on religion, on purpose. And it’s a scary scenario.”

If that’s not clear enough, DeLonge explains in absolutes: “There are three monotheistic faiths and the rivalry between them is by design. Period.”

“And our government has known that and are actively trying to come up with a campaign to get people to understand that and not fall into that deception.”

Incredibly, the narrative DeLonge says the government operatives want to spread is that aliens are, in fact, stage managing conflict.

DeLonge again: “The way it’s explained to me is that they are gods, the little g, so the entire UFO phenomenon is about multiple gods that fight amongst themselves and by design factionalize humanity into different religions to step back and let us fight each other. So it has other things that it wants to accomplish, and we don’t notice them because we’re too involved fighting each other.”

DeLonge paints a world where aliens deliberately drop technology out the rear hatch of their spaceships for nations to stumble upon, allowing them to build advanced weaponry to attack one another.

“There are major advancements that Russia has, that we have, that China has, based on technology that has either been given by design or given by accident. I personally, from everything I’m hearing, it seems to look though it was given by design. Once again… to see who was the stronger. And that’s a scary thought. To give weaponry like that and to step back and to say, ‘Now go kill each other, and we’ll work with the ones who are left over.’”

The idea that the aliens pose a threat, that they are inherently evil, that humans are their unwitting playthings and need to wake up, is entrenched in the TTSA agenda. This is best exemplified in what DeLonge describes as three “non-fiction” books that he has written with one of TTSA’s hand-picked associates, Peter Levenda, who the TTSA website describes as having an MA in Religious Studies and “an expert on Nazi Germany and especially on the extreme religious and esoteric ideas that formed the Nazi worldview.”

When it comes to pure evil and threats to humanity, the Nazis have always cornered the market as the gold standard villain. That is before we’re told that aliens were the Nazi’s template and mentors. (The aliens must have been roasting marshmallows and forgot to tell Hitler not to invade Russia during the winter.)

When DeLonge talks of these “truths” that will be rolled out in the three non-fiction books, titled appropriately, ‘Gods,’ ‘Man’ and ‘War,’ he doubles down: “It’s not all coming from me, it’s coming from other people of the highest places.”

Again, Wikileaks proved that DeLonge had been dealing with high-level insiders. As he describes it, he’s informed that the aliens are engaged in the act of ongoing war against humankind, perhaps for their enjoyment, “Potentially just to see who was stronger.”

The evil alien angle, as it turns out, and that manipulative and capricious aliens seeded humans in ancient times, is pivotal to this future geopolitical strategy. As novelist George Orwell penned in his novel ‘1984’, “He who controls the past controls the future.” So, what is starting now is a re-writing of historical context as we know it.

It’s easy to see the temptation, the light bulb moment, to use the existence of UFOs for strategic, geopolitical advantage, rather than be helpless, passive observers to the exasperating phenomena. Put your wackiest fringe topic with your most significant, “unsolvable” evolving threat, and like alchemy or a magic spell, the door unlocks.

In this evolving propaganda strategy, what soon became apparent after the mainstream news stories broke about the Pentagon’s AATIP UFO program, is that DeLonge was pulled as a media mouthpiece for TTSA.

Whatever the reason, the social media rock star, dropping casual bombshells, youth viral thingo strategy, was shelved by the people giving the orders. DeLonge is still gagged today, almost a year later. A major story on TTSA in Newsweek on September 20, 2018, had DeLonge declining to be involved, a spokesperson saying that he “is not doing any press right now.”

DeLonge has been supplanted by, quite frankly, someone more in line with the evolving grand design: a ruthlessly disciplined, ex-military operative, counterintelligence and anti-terrorism expert, Mr. Luis Elizondo, who has been the go-to man to front the media. Elizondo is not a hey dude rockstar, he has a serious, no-nonsense demeanor and claims to have run the AATIP UFO investigative program for several years within the Pentagon, so is ideally placed to comment on some of its objectives and findings, now working for TTSA.

It’s best not to mess around with who Elizondo is. We’re told that after the carnage on 9/11 he switched from Latin America into the Middle East and served in the discombobulated arenas of hell that became the frontlines of the war on religious-based terrorism. Elizondo, low to the ground and built like a tank, with a grey goatee and tattoos, is the last person you’d fancy your chances with in a staring contest or an arm wrestle.

He talks and behaves like the archetypal, loyal, dependable, United States patriot who would not waver sacrificing his life in pursuit of the safety and protection of his country. “Patriot” is a word he often uses in admiration of others and when you appreciate where’s he’s been and the intensity of danger he’s faced, the word also applies to him.

Soldiers like this have exposure to threat, horror, and death at a level unimaginable by the average citizen. They unequivocally stand for and uphold what is perceived as “truth, justice, and the American way”, making sacrifices so the average citizen can go down to the park and throw a ball around with their kids on a sunny afternoon, without an incoming ballistic missile, or a suitcase nuclear weapon changing things up.

Elizondo talks about the tremendous honor and privilege of serving with the current Secretary of Defense, Marine General James Mattis who he endorses as a future president and for whom he could not have any higher respect. Anyone who served with Mattis was expected to study and deeply understand the psychology of foreign cultures and the extreme passion behind their beliefs, as well as develop the fine art of being ruthlessly honorable killing machines.

General Mattis, who fought in, amongst other places, Afghanistan and Iraq, embraced the ethos of protecting global order and during his confirmation hearings for Secretary of Defense, said the current world order is under its biggest attack since World War 2. That war was big enough to require multiple atomic bombs to end it.

Luis Elizondo has given inconsistent versions of how he came to join TTSA which only goes to prove that highly trained operatives can have trouble keeping stories straight. We know that he was hand-picked for TTSA by people he would salute, probably two years or more before he left his government job.

On January 15, 2018, he recorded a telephone interview with Croatian investigative researcher Giuliano Marinkovic of OmniTalk Radio Network where his self-description was that of a rebel without borders:

“I risked everything to do this. I’m not sure people understand. I gave up a fantastic career, I was at the top of my game, I had tremendous respect in the building, and I gave up a retirement, a pension, and everything to do this.” He goes on to detail ridicule, backlash and personal threats, saying he was willing to buck the system, rebel, all because what overrides devotion, duty and patriotism to his country is that, “The fact that there are things that we can’t explain is not the provenance of any government or any institution.”

“To keep that information (UFOs) from the American people, and not even have a conversation, that is a problem.”

So, we are expected to believe that on the subject Mr. DeLonge calls “… a national security issue and a global security issue,” something of which Mr. Elizondo is well versed, that this patriot of the highest order goes rogue, defying the system upon which in reality, I bet, he’d lay down his own life.

He must have had second thoughts about that cover. The implication might be that his boss and idol Jim Mattis was ignorant of the issue, uncaring or an idiot, a false perception which would make Elizondo uncomfortable. About three weeks later, recorded in early February 2018, his version of leaving the government shifts, and in a video presentation for the 2018 UFO Congress held in Phoenix Arizona, the whole I can’t stop myself rebelling routine had been shuttered:

“My initial plan was to frankly fade off into the sunset, take a job working something that I could enjoy that was completely unrelated to the U.S. Government, and if you will, like I said, fade off into the sunset. It was actually To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences that found me. Through some colleagues of mine in the intelligence community, once they found out that I was leaving, had suggested that maybe I should talk to some of the folks at To The Stars who were interested in talking to me.”

The portrait of a patriot looking forward to finally relaxing with a beer, in flip-flops, renting out paddle boards at the beach, is very different to bucking the system, abandoning his pension, a “risked everything to do this” person quitting specifically to join TTSA.

It matters little that Elizondo’s cover story has been shaky. The one thing I suspect is truthful is that colleagues tapped him, probably the generals with all those stars, and likely long before he officially left, according to DeLonge’s timeframe of the general assembling the TTSA team.

Since December 16, 2017, Mr. Elizondo, measured, likable, with integrity, has continued to make controlled, stage managed, media and public appearances as the face and careful mouthpiece of TTSA, which we have seen, is the careful and considered mouthpiece of team United States, a role that Elizondo is very suited to carry out with discipline and crisp precision, under orders if necessary.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Elizondo’s TTSA title is Director of Global Security & Special Programs, which sounds about right.

For serious people like Mr. Elizondo, one of those generals may have said to him, do you want to be on the front line of an initiative that will profoundly change the world and safeguard your country? That to me fits the profile of how a counterterrorism and intelligence expert, a trained killer covered in blood-soaked-dust in endless, religious-based wars in the Middle East, finds himself presenting idealistically about UFOs.

There’s something else logical to consider about Elizondo’s background. DeLonge explicitly refers to decades of an entrenched UFO secrecy program and those behind the scenes in the U.S. government as heroic.

If that’s true, and we accept that the United States has been deeply involved in the UFO topic since at least World War 2, then what good reason is there for a fleeting start-up like AATIP, which officially ran only a few years?

Did they invent a temporary, pop-up, disposable little brother, to provide Elizondo a public UFO resumé and launch him into TTSA as AATIP’s credible former director? Was it too much, too soon, to reveal the legit, behind the scenes, highly classified group, and all its dense, layered decades of history?

I hear what you’re thinking. If TTSA is a surrogate, AATIP a bit of a convenient lark, what group in entirety is running the ET strategy from inside the government? DeLonge says he doesn’t know: “On who’s running it. I’m not going to say that, I don’t know if there’s a group of twelve guys, ten guys, twenty guys that manage all of it, I haven’t asked that specific question yet.”

But we can be confident that some group exists, and not only are they the real deal, they’re responsible for the big picture, like a cinemascope screen that wraps right around your head.

For now, TTSA is established, Elizondo is in it, and their videos present like high school science adventures, acting as if the whole phenomena began yesterday. The oeuvre of what they claim to be examining today may very well have been studied by the crème de la crème of government scientists as far back as the late 1940s and conclusions reached then. What TTSA seem to be doing is stage managed education for the public akin to a scripted reality show. “Look what we discovered today!” (Remembering to first peel off the 1952 sticker.)

Eventually, things will hot up. So, if you like your aliens in glowing white robes embodying peace and love, please look the other way. DeLonge states that the ETs out there are after cruel kicks, so much so, his advisers informed him that the aliens create suffering like it’s a laboratory experiment.

“The UFOs were turning our weapons on, just so Russia could pick up that we were firing our missiles and fire theirs first. It was a big chess game, so these guys went into complete secrecy to start coming up with a defense system against this phenomenon.”

Evil aliens, to a certain extent, makes sense. It’s best for established power that we’re not left worshipping utopian replacements. They have to be the antithesis of good. And as it turns out, there’s a word for that.

“There is a very, very strong link between what people think demons are from the Bible, and other religions, and the UFO phenomenon,” DeLonge said. “The term ‘the occult’ and that whole world is much more a part of the UFO phenomenon.”

Dropped strategically into the initial mainstream media coverage of the AATIP government UFO program was the mention that conservative factions within the government were opposed to the study because they viewed the phenomenon as demonic. This fits right into the wheelhouse of TTSA’s propaganda, that the aliens are what DeLonge refers to as, “Creepy, demonic, weird.”

Reporter George Knapp himself was interviewed on September 15, 2018, by Alejandro Rojas of Open Minds UFO Radio and described this issue, how money for the Pentagon UFO study AATIP was canceled after less than a handful of years, in 2012.

“It alarmed some people in the Pentagon, who in particular, there’s a ‘cabal’ in there… they were basically high-level people in different intelligence agencies who are fundamentalist Christians who think that anything involving UFOs and the paranormal is satanic. That by studying it we invite Satan into this world and they wanted it [the funding] killed for those reasons.”

The fact here that UFOs are kryptonite to religious fundamentalists is the key takeaway.

But it’s also critical to understand that most (if not all) of the funding went to an outside contractor, the billionaire Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). Bigelow had an extensive track record of assembling scientists to study anomalous, paranormal events, including pouring millions of his own money into research. Again, that poses more doubts about AATIP.

Bottom line though, demons or not, it’s feasible that funding had to be cut with BAASS in any case, as a broader defense strategy coalesced. At this point, it’s more than just financing paranormal research as a curio, to an outside contractor.

The concept of TTSA would become part of developing an ongoing strategic plan.

It would not be surprising though, if Bob Bigelow was the Pentagon’s first choice to “lead” their proxy, TTSA, as “his” company. He had the pedigree and is viewed akin to other public figure space pioneers, Branson, Musk and Bezos. Perhaps he knocked them back, having bigger aspirations than taking orders. Tom DeLonge had no such problems saying “yes sir, no sir,” and saw a way to exploit media and entertainment opportunities, which is in his wheelhouse.

If advanced species have been visiting this planet for eons, it’s just as likely that the governments of the world have little to no idea what they’re doing or what their agenda indeed is. There’s every chance it’s peaceful observation and scientific research, given that’s what we do when we venture to other worlds. I’m not sure we’d travel to other planets to torture, play mind games and set ants against one another for thousands of years, mesmerized by their little ant war games as we drop matchsticks to encourage them to incinerate one another.

If aliens were studying us, they’d quickly note that our species is wholly consumed by fear. I could make a list, but basically, it’s a fear of everything. Supported by the news cycle of endless 24hr depressing disasters, horrors, threats, attacks and negativity that feeds and reinforces our whole fear mindset conditioning ad infinitum. If a human lifts a rock and a tiny spider exposed starts running around in crazy circles trying to save its life, the human is likely to be running around in the same crazy circles too, screaming, before smashing the spider to death.

Social media these days amplifies fear, jealousy and insecurity people feel in regards to how they stack up in regards to materialism, whether they have an admired and validated existence. Here’s my perfect baby, here’s my perfect holiday, here’s my perfect meal, job and selfie.

Perhaps the next significant step in evolution for our species is developing a breakthrough with fear and how that occurs. An advanced race may hold our hand through that, in their own way.

But right now, fear rules and fear is an effective control and strategic paradigm, even to promote peace.

“Peace” through the mass exploitation of threats, scare tactics, scapegoats, the us against them mentality, using that as a driving motivation for unity and change, the ends justifying the means, collateral damage, friendly fire, is nothing new. Not that long ago we saw the “weapons of mass destruction” card played out in the pursuit of peace.

The evil alien strategy may be just another iteration of that, this time a bold, audacious attempt to buttress American global strength by exaggerating quite possibly an imaginary threat.

DeLonge certainly is excited by the whole rah-rah ‘Independence Day’ scenario, and offered a harbinger of the Space Force more than two years before President Trump announced it:

“We’d have the biggest space program that we’ve ever had, thousands of times bigger than Apollo and it would be part defense, and it would be part exploration, and people would run to be a part of it and help. It would be like the day after 9/11 when everyone wanted to sign onto the military. If people knew what the stakes were, if they just knew what these guys are telling me, once people know this stuff and if it really caught fire and everyone knew that this was real, it would completely change everything.”

Today, while you’re distracted by a hundred irrelevant things you think are essential, the cogs are greased and moving in something genuinely momentous. If you hadn’t noticed, suddenly there are a lot more media stories about the possibility of life elsewhere in the cosmos. Even institutions like the Federal Aviation Administration are magically more open with information about strange encounters. Wait for NORAD to ring the doorbell and enter. Members of TTSA are pressing for congressional hearings. Hearings give legitimacy and are guaranteed because it’s an inside job.

Those reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, POLITICO, and mainstream media from around the world will have front row seats, mouths hanging agape as the grapes are fed in, then run to their keyboards, pushing one another over to file their stories, tumbling like crazed raccoons.

The media will continue being manipulated in the most ambitious and vast human rights, national and global security propaganda campaign ever launched. History is rewritten. A perceived “threat” against the United States and humanity will be the trojan horse from which will spring a potent strategy to dismantle terror wielded by humans against humans. All traditional religions, and indeed entrenched conservatism, will need a plan to adapt and survive.

The world as we remember it will change with every clackety-clack of the reporters’ fingers. And with impeccable timing the United States Space Force will be christened. TTSA might even unveil brand new tech that they’ve just designed 15 years ago to help them.

Once America is willing to salute, then cut the rope on Christianity, something its enemies would have sworn would be the anchor that dragged it under, it would not surprise if China came forth as a major ally on the anti organized religion, ET strategy.

The moment will arrive for the baffling secret that has been covered up for so long to be confirmed. This planet has been visited by other species, from other places or other dimensions. And this information will be exploited in a way to protect the earth, not from them, but really from ourselves.

Never mind that critical parts of the plan may be a hoax.

Short of benevolent ETs revealing themselves and saying, “Hey everyone, the evil alien thing is a load of baloney,” the steady drip of evidence and “proof”, indoctrination, stories of ancient, scheming others; religions being all a game and a fraud designed to have us fight one another, clickety-clack, will incrementally be rolled out as DeLonge says it will. His fingers, and those of co-author Peter Levenda, have already been clacketing away on books released, setting that up.

Just look at the recent ‘Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom’ movie, aimed squarely at kids. The monologue at the end reinforces a message of a suddenly changed world where humans must learn to co-exist with new creatures and new threats living amongst us.

If this all goes to plan, America will be like the wrestler predicted to tap out in a no-win situation, who instead flips the opponent on its head. The United States defense establishment might say, whether “the others” are flushed out or remain quiet observers, whether they even exist at all, it doesn’t matter; it’s time.

It’s a left-field, win-win strategy to safeguard the American way of life.

Artist & metaphysical philosopher exploring the implications of supernatural or paranormal experience, especially in relation to the evolution of human rights.

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